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I wouldn't need a hero if I wasn't such a zero [entries|friends|calendar]

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June 3rd, 2026 1:42 am
コン [
[ mood | shady ]

Uh, comment to be added, I guess? I'm not selective. You don't even have to comment. Just add D: I'm the worst lj friend ever, though. Commenting makes me nervous.

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May 27th, 2008 12:13 pm
Kurt Vonnegut is too deep for me [
"Then he thought about what Bill himself might want. It was easy to guess. 'Bill,' he said, 'I like you so much, and I am such a big shot in the Universe, that I will make your three biggest wishes come true.' He opened the door of the cage, something Bill couldn't have done in a thousand years.
Bill flew over to a windowsill. He put his little shoulder against the glass. There was just one layer of glass between Bill and the great out-of-doors. Although Trout was in the storm window business, he had no storm windows on his own abode.
'Your second wish is about to come true,' said Trout, and he again did something which Bill could never have done. He opened the window. But the opening of the window was such an alarming business to the parakeet that he flew back to his cage and hopped inside.
Trout closed the door of the cage and latched it. 'That's the most intelligent use of three wishes I've ever heard of,' he told the bird. 'You made sure you'd still have something worth wishing for--to get out of the cage.'"
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April 22nd, 2008 9:26 pm
orz [
[ mood | frustrated ]

I'm not cool enough to use orz but HOLY SHIT MLA MAKES ME WANT TO FUCKING KILL MYSELF. Seriously, it's not even that fucking hard of an assignment, but after not having to do homework for uh forever having to do a fucking works cited list is fucking killing me. Especially because it's so goddamn uneccesary for this assignment. IT'S A FIVE FACT POSTER ABOUT THE YEAR WE WERE BORN. WE DO NOT NEED A WORKS CITED LIST. THE FUCKING BIBLIOGRAPHY IS LONGER THAN THE ACTUAL ASSIGNMENT *head explodes* But I caught the call for me skipping seventh period, so hurrhurr, eat me FCPS :3

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April 20th, 2008 3:40 pm
As facebook would say... [
[ mood | ringdingdingding ]

This has to stop XD; No but seriously T___________T So everyone I've asked about it has just been like "he probably just didn't want to worry you :D" but...I mean it's not like he's just been like "what, no, I'm fine 8DD Don't worry!" he's been saying "I'm fine. No seriously, it's a Ralph Lauren joke." And then calling me stubborn every fucking time I try to bring it up. Which made me THINK it really was a joke, until I went back to check his myspace (shut up XD; That's how I verify--if he hasn't been on for this long he's seriously incapacitated, cause he's a loser and loves myspace) and saw a bunch of random messages from his stupid ugly myspace friends (as in people he has NEVER MET IN REAL LIFE, WTF?) saying shit like "OMG GET BETTR SUN :-) BEING SIK SUX RITE?" So now I'm assuming it's for real and pissed as fuck that he's fine telling random ass people the truth while lying to me AND making me feel stupid and shitty and confused for so fucking long af;lkdsjfal; HATE. And I completely fucked up the Thursday exchange. I didn't mean like "yeah....it's obvious cause I'm here and you're there but omg if we were both in the same place we would totally hook up omg rite?" I meant "uh yeah it's obvious because I tell you all the time to do your best when you tell me about someone you think is hot while routinely being like 'ahghgh this person is hot.' Oh, and cause you've been treating me like shit lately." So now he probably thinks I'm some tool who doesn't get it when someone tells them that they don't like them. Agh. I GET IT. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I GET IT TAT/ I at least want him to think it's fucking mutual (even though it isn't, haha) instead of thinking I'm some loser ahghghghghghghghgh. So hopefully that'll work itself out. Or...I'll be able to work it out XD;; I at least want him to admit that he's in the fucking hospital >:T I mailed him yesterday like "Can I ask you a question? You won't get mad?" and he responded "IT DEPENDS ON THE QUESTION" in his scary all caps romaji that makes me hate my life >_< According to Ralph he may/may not have to get a second surgery....? So that's awesome. What is actually awesome is Tsai being out of the hospital 8D We all hung out Friday. It was funny, we stopped at Wendys (before Taco Bell XD) so he could get a Spicy Baconator--it was like
"Is it okay for you to eat that.......?"
"Well...the doctors said to avoid stuff that was spicy, and greasy foods and stuff..."
"But that was like four days ago, so it's probably okay 8D"

XD; He survived so w/e. Today I didn't leave my room till like 5:30, it was kind of sad. I just watched the Office and dicked around on the internet. I was supposed to go to Mason preview tomorrow but didn't register so oops can't go :X Shame.

Mannnnnn this song makes me so sad now XD;; 愛しき人よ〜 悲しませないで >:T UGH and don't even get me started on Hana by Orange Range. It's amazing how many songs I physically CAN'T listen to now XD; I just want things to be back to normalllllllll TAT/

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April 13th, 2008 3:35 pm
All the douchebags please bag off~ [
Break it down Lillian.

So some shitty author whose name I can't remember (it was probably Graham Greene, that fascist mofo) said something to the extent of "it's always painful realizing we mean less to someone than someone means to us." I think that's really really really really really (really) nauseatingly true.
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April 7th, 2008 2:16 pm
梅しゃんiluuuuuuuuu [

I don't know why, I find him to be the hottest shit ever. It's kind of worrying D:

And just because I love the mustache-d guy in the front XDD;;


[edit] heh, I just applied for a job at Jiffy Lube XDD; I highly highly highly doubt they'll even call me back for an interview but it would kick ass 8DD
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April 3rd, 2008 1:09 pm
ねぇ、私安かないよ〜♪♪♪♪♪ [
[ mood | tired ]

Balls, I said I was going to go to sleep really early tonight D: Oh noes. So today I really didn't want to go to work. Like at all. But then it ended up being so fun omg TAT/ I love Ashley and Lauren sooooo much, they're so nice. And I opened a credit card so now I don't have to freak out all this week :D And I think I'm going to go back and buy a pair of PDP jeans cause they have the cute thing on the ass and are being discontinued omg I bet they don't have them in my size T_T; Since they're on clearance it won't count as my big 50% thing XD; I'm so lame, keeping a mental list of what to get. It's kind of sad how much of it involves zebra print. Besides the tacky sequin clutch, there are also the sandals (but they're cute, so it's okay v_v) and this tote-ish thing that I thought was really ugly but Lauren uses it and it looks okay so I dunno. I'm also getting one of their little black vests and a polo for myself along with one for Caitlin omg abuse of rebatorial privelage :X Plus...I dunno XD; Other stuff. Probably more jeans. I need stufffffff and I'm thinking I might get that Chinese laundry handbag, cause my paycheck that I haven't asked for yet should be pretty big :X Or I'll just get that one from UO, but mannnn the Chinese Laundry one is shiny and blue T__T Uh anyway. We decided (I think?) on party bus for prom XDDD; Which I think is way cooler than going to a restaurant. And we got a house for Beach Week it's sooooo nice x____X; I'm really looking forward to it. And uh...I dunno XD; This song makes me sad D: But hey once this quarter is over I don't have to do anything except pass my classes and then collegeeeeeeee 8DDD And pho on Friday XD Who doesn't love pho?

此処で貴方は何時も私を買いに来ています~ 何の関係も無いでしょ(怒)…所詮これは色恋~~~~ XDDD; wtf baroque?

Also I got a subscription to Popteen last month cause I'm lame and I don't have it yet wtfffff I need misguided fashion advice TAT

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June 12th, 2007 2:32 pm
Did I say band those two times? I meant "collective". [
[ mood | still awkward ]

"Bomb the Music Industry! would love to play a show. We would require gas money and probably a little bit extra so we can afford to keep our van. Originally the plan was to only ask for gas money and bring a receipt to every show until I realized that bands do incur slight expenses. Communism works on paper but does not work on the internet."

They/he/the collective/whatever might be the greatest band ever. Seriously. Go download everything.


Also tell me if you can see this (like...on your friends page). I need to figure out what the fuck is wrong with me lj v_v

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